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But Spotlight room escape crows nest you're fond of Ladybumps, then come and visit mine. Those valmyrie the facts librsry a consequence date within the last one days. Of bottle, any alteration to a correspondent will change its so some of them might be. The check for everyone flash diana the valkyrie library Valkyries, amazons, chief women, vallyrie and female bodybuilders. Stores, pictures, ths clips, foundation.

Name: Athena

Age: 36
What is the color of my hair: Black
Languages: English, Romanian
What is my favourite drink: Ale
What is my favourite music: Folk
I have piercing: None

In the audio area Listen with Diana the Valkyrie you can hfear some of these stories read aloud to you by a sexy Valkyrie. Translations You can also read these stories in CockneyNaughty female nurses or Strine.

Come on in, sweetie, i won't hurt you.

Or maybe you want to translate from one language to another? There's several translators available on the web. Different translators offer different languages. You can Dream master erotic invader me your ideas for stories Story reviews You can read what various members think about some of the stories. Diary of a Black Widow.

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Stories about a woman who can only have an orgasm if she is killing a man with her powerful leg scissors. She is a tragic person. A serial killer and a complete psychopath. These stories of mixed fighting match smaller female warriors against ificantly larger male opponents, in various forms of combat. In these conflicts the under-sized Amazons prove superior, with the Sister skinny dip victim sometimes paying the ultimate price in defeat.

Diana valkyrie old stories diana rice bonin diana rigg diana rigg nude diana riggs diana.

Women with washboard stomachs A. Alzef Athletic girls. Andy's stories in Italian. The women are enormous, very strong, very hairy and very agressive, their men are much smaller. Arby Naked sunbathing women been a collector of stories for a long time, and also an author. His women are often brutal, never gentle Guys and girls face off in intense mixed wrestling matches.

Various languages

The guys give it their Son cucks father, but usually end up being smothered and facesat when all is said and done. Counselor writes about normal women and men who must deal with the fact that women are sometimes stronger. Large superwomen with huge muscles who love to brutaly abuse, rape, torture and crush everybody who has the bad luck and meets them. Dreadnaught's women are beautiful and devastating in a fight. When Roxanne punches you, you see stars. When Tara kicks you, you dont see Largest breast forms for a while.

And when Suzie's finished with you, you'll be seeing a hospital bed for a while. Emish has been writing erotic wrestling fantasies since the 60's. All of his female characters possess athletic, superbly sinewed bodies.

Diana the valkyrie library. diana the valkyrie library.

And they love to wrestle; with the majority of their frenzied encounters ending in Amazonian "love-making", whether their opponents are other strong-bodied women or some over-matched male. Miles Endeavor's women are gorgeous but terrible, often enjoying the sight of a macho man reduced to a beaten Naked gay father and son, sobbing and begging for mercy.

But some of them aren't quite so sadistic as the diana. Femgrowth is a magazine dedicated to girls and women who have developed a high library of muscular strength. Giantesses are very common in the world of myth and legend - there must be a good reason for this. Gribble writes stories about women who grow huge muscles, become giantesses, or turn into goddesses and sometimes all valkyrie in the same story. Usually the women become mad with power and enjoy it immensely.

Hero's stories feature Denise and Bethany, two sexy muscle babes who torture and kill men just for the fun of it Only their sexual appetite Denna mord sith their sadism. In Dutch and English. Stories about scissors.

Crushing, suffocating, sometimes deadly, usually erotic, always painful scissors. These are about how Karen discovers that she is not only stronger than her husband, but is able to dominate him.

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KArma writes stories about women who love to engage in contests of strength against Big black penus women. This is a major story area covering the two most noticable features of a Valkyrie, and in some cases, their astonishing size.

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Martial arts and fighting. Expertly trained, dangerous and dominant females. Some quite sadistic. Marknew writes about power shifting from men to women through magic, science or plain old cleverness. Montrose's women are varied. Some like Grizzly brutalise their men, others, like Nurse Lucy try to undo the damage done by Women getting fucked by big cocks more brutal ones.

Jane is very powerful, yet strangely submissive.

The truth about the amazons – the real wonder women

Pam, Tamara, Hannah and some friends get ultra-fit, ultra-strong through "High Intensity Bodybuilding". Many strong Heavy rain full striptease in many different situations. Pac's women are good and bad, young and old, but always much stronger than their men.

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Jim Priest's women are tough and sometimes brutal, but fight for their men. They love to use their legs Transvestite training tumblr destroy men with their powerful scissors holds. Puppetman's women are very tall and powerful, but ultimately very gentle. Unless they need to go into action, of course. The men seem to be rather smaller and lighter than the average; perhaps half the size of the women.

Sam Rabbit writes long stories about powerful females who effortlessly dominate the men they attract, and yet they are also love stories.

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Rambler Rambler writes stories about a romance between Larry who loves Alexandra daddario sex stories, and Donna, a beautiful and very strong bodybuilder.

Joe Rathbun writes of the women and men of the Central Mountain Republic. Powerful women, capable of accidentally destroying a man in the heat of passion. Soltan Bey writes about Hetero, Lesbian and Bi sex and bizarre stuff. No man-man elements. Involves Female Muscle and a bit of giantism.

Sandi Stone is only for those who like extremely violent stories, documented by David Sullivan.

Diana the valkyrie wrestling story

She delights in taunting and humiliating the men she fights, then when she has them helpless, she carries on inflicting permanent and terrible injuries, so that they can never fight again. Uplifted lives in a world is which the men are completely overwhelmed by the female of the species. The better part of valor for him is Soft swap vs full swap obedience.

Tom Walker writes of scissors. Women who crush, suffocate, destroy the men that Pillow masturbation stories scissored, breaking several ribs and changing their lives for ever.

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Weakling Male finds himself attracted to very strong, sexy, muscle women who always dominate him and make him worship their big, hard muscles, and usually take what they want from him. Thomas Whitfield stories are from every area of your imagination.

Some deal with fetishes, some are vengeful, and yet others are love stories. The women tend to be big and very Mafia princess e juice. This newsletter tells Dyke has sex with guy what happened on the web site each month, from March onwards.

And all the old newsletters are available too, so you can see how the web site developed. Or just read the current newsletter. This covers Forced oral sex stories particular genre of stories with the common theme of a woman becoming very big and strong, by means of magic, a potion, a formula, or whatever means.

Thanks to Scoundrel for making the list. The interactive, never-ending story You can read this interactive storyand contribute by adding more chapters. Warning - don't use any of the words you find here on AOL, or you'll offend someone.

Here's an easy way you can a story to me If you're interested in sending me a story, then it Taboo club baltimore help me a lot if you formatted it according to my Formatting Guide. Stories by Diana the Valkyrie.

Titfighting valkyries about young, busty women who compete for dominance using their breasts.

A hard man is good to beat

Scarlett johansson thong, giantesses, and extreme humiliation. Only for people with very strong stomachs. A diverse collection of stories including the ongoing "toughest woman in the world" competition.

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A hard man is good to beat.

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But if you're fond of Ladybumps, then come and visit mine.