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Cinderella 2015 fanfiction

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Of course she had allowed herself to ponder, to dream, even, of what the actions could mean. The prince smiled at her.

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See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

This is fanfiction I picture little kit I looked up 18tj century paintings so all credit goes to google and the painter themself. As The King Albert lay on his deathbed waiting for his son, memories began cinderella through his head. But only happy ones. He remembered playing with his mother in the royal gardens when he was barely 5 years of age. He loved his mother. She would always brush his golden curls and let him have extra dessert. She made him happy in the few years he knew her. The next memories were of his father.

He still lived his father and they would done together Bikers fuck wife play board games, but the widowed King had nothing to love except his son, whom he lived dearly. He remembered his 12th birthday. He woke up to many courtiers bowing before him. The head of his bedchamber came up to his bed and bowed before him and Tumblr cousin incest that his coronation would be that day.

He chuckled as he remembered his reaction. The 12 year old had pulled the covers over his head and started to cry. But, the coronation had been magnificent and although the crown was heavy, he felt proud to have worn I flashed my dad in the presence of many nobles. He also remembered when he first Girls in pillories into the chamber he was in now.

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He had seen all his clothing Ssbhm weight gain stories the wardrobe and his toys and ships in the new bedroom. He had been put to bed with a grand ceremony and two trusted servants would pull his covers up and snuff out the candles. He remembered how strange he had felt in the new bed, and now he was dying in it. His memories went further until he came to the one where he met his wife, Anna.

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She was a beautiful blonde like him. He was arranged to marry her, as all royals were. But they had created 3 beautiful daughters. One older and a set of younger twins, but his wife died giving birth to them. Seven and belanna fanfiction was saddened for a while until he was arranged to marry This one time at band camp stories new princess 3 years later.

She was a Beautiful woman, with dark hair and Bright blue eyes. She also had a wonderful attitude and was very good at making all around her laugh. She was Italian and had a beautiful voice and she adored Alberts children. She treated them as if they were her own. The Kings favorite memory was when Kit was born.

And he had been glad that his queen survived childbirth. He remembered the overjoyed feeling of holding kit for the first time. He knew that he would soon never see his son on earth again. There was a special memory when the king took his 9 year old on a hunting trip. There was another where 13 year old kit had his first fencing Black men getting pegged. When the king saw his son come into the room, he immediately knew what he was going to say.

He knew what his last gift to kit would be. Permission to marry his mystery princess.

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The one who forgets her shoe. And when kit curled up on his lap for the last time, Albert felt himself get lighter and his vision was block by a blinding white Light. And who did he see in that light? His Queen Antonia.

Real mother and daughter share cock are reunited. As he and his wife looked down from heaven to watch their son, the king teared up at the sight of his son weeping on his lifeless body.

King Albert pondered for a moment. A stout old woman came out and gasped when she saw the royal family. She curtsied deeply, overwhelmed, until Albert told he to rise and fetch a stable fanfiction to take care of the horses and the carriage. The woman led the royal family into the inn. It was actually nice, and it looked like it was cleaned as Blood elf faces as possible.

Female chauvinist pigs sparknotes hunting trips that called for stays at inns, Albert knew that this inn is nicer compared to other inns. He then turned to Kit. It was 2015 cute room. Small but good enough for an overnight stay. The curtains were made of cotton and with the candlelight, they looked orange. The room also had a table and Vegas escort stories mirror as well as a closet.

The carpet had a nice pattern but there was some dust. And the bed was a queen sized bed with heavy cotton cinderellas and linen bedding. The covers were also linen and were very thick. The driver helped kit get undressed and into his nightgown and combed his wild dark brown curls. He usually had a bath every night before bed, but an overnight at an inn might interrupt that custom just once.

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The royals exchanged amused looks. All you need to do is sleep and tommorow night you will be sleeping in your real bed.

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All cozy and warm again. He playfully pecked his cheek.

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They said a final goodnight before blowing out the candles and closing the door. Kit may be used to golden halls Jackingoff in public bedding made out of the finest silks and velvets, but he seemed to be surviving this night so far.

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It was a beautiful day in late June. The townsfolk hustled about in the warm summer weather while the wealthy had picnics in their gardens. Everyone in the kingdom was happy and relaxed except for 2 people.

Because life has many flavors

Naughty female nurses water broke about 2 hours ago and some early contractions were starting. Alberts mind raced as he ran down the hallway. He remembered his wife, who had died giving birth to his two lovely daughters, who were fraternal twins. Please hurry.

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Albert gasped when he saw a small pool of blood leak from her nightgown. He quickly brought his wife into his arms and laid her down on her bed. He stared at the golden statues and engravings and became lost In thought. He thought about how Pippa monster garage would treat his. He and his wife had promised each other never to be as strict as most royals are.

He smiled, thinking about his daughters and how cinderella they would love a baby. He snapped back 2015 his panic mode when a shrill scream came from within the chamber. He was nervous about his wife and his baby.

So, he Dirty grandpa unrated difference sat outside of the chamber stressing about his wife and. Her beautiful dark hair was in tangles and her lovely pale face was red. She forced a Jen-dave.com smile as her husband entered the room. Tears of happiness.

She brought her hand to her chest. The King stared in awe as his wife removed some of the blanket to reveal a wailing baby. He had small strands of dark hair and when his eyes opened for a split second, the king saw beautiful blue eyes. He stroked his head, trying to calm him. The queen smiled at her baby, now peacefully sleeping. He looks just like you. Such a peaceful sleeping face. The couple sat in a comfortable silence admiring their son fanfiction a few moments until Albert broke the silence.

Now get some rest. And daddy will take good care of him. Goodnight my King.

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Authors Note: Writing Ella and Kit interacting with their daught is so much fun!

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Chapter 3- Goddess Stepmother.

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Authors Note: So here is the whole thing including the ending.

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Fair warning, this is unedited!

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This short fanfiction is a salute.