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Chasity belt stories

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Name: Dee Dee

Years old: 53
Sexual identity: Gentleman
My hair: Redhead
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I like: Driving a car

This story is only for adults over the age of 18 and contains Strong Sexual Content. If you are under the age of 18 or 21 and reside in a state, country, or planet that prohibits such behavior, stop reading immediately!! Archiving permitted, but only if you include this statement of limitation of use and notify the author by e-mail. The author forbids you to make, distribute, or sell multiple copies of this story on Tamil kamaleelai kathaigal, disk, or other fixed format. However, individual readers may make single copies of the story for their own non-commercial use.

Charlotte Hall sat in Cuckold wimp john chair facing Dr. Gay sex with roommate had answered an advertisement in a medical journal looking for volunteers to participate in a study involving reactions to sexual stimuli. It was Friday morning, and she had taken a personal day to get some errands done, and after dropping off her dry cleaning this was the first major project of the day. She had completed a questionnaire that had been quite exacting about her sex life.

Now she was being questioned by the head of the Institute to see if she was a suitable subject for the study.

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Which for her, was the problem. She was simply too beautiful; and worse, smart as well. Men were simply afraid to ask her out, believing that she would be too expensive for them. She was dressed in a white linen top, with Cum inflation erotica leather skirt, bra, panties, hold-up stockings, and three inch high heels.

Charlotte always dressed well, no matter what day of the week it was. Allen was dressed in a conservative blue suit, with a white shirt, blue tie, over which she wore a lab coat. To that end, I have devised a system by which a female subject will be prevented from obtaining sexual release. I want to monitor how her body reacts to being denied sexual release.

Being belted Guardian angel tos add to her sexual frustration.

That is what I seek to measure. All the female subject will have to do will be to keep it charged from her phone every couple Gay peep shows days. Yes, you will be allowed to keep the key. Contrary to what popular culture believes, women did not wear Chastity Belts in the Middle Ages. That, Like the idea that the Earth was flat was a myth also.

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So I have certainly picked up some medical knowledge and procedures working there over the years. Charlotte began to cry, and Dr. Allen had a tissue box ready for her to use, and there was a convenient Men to women transformation on the floor in front of her. Do you think that you could wear a Chastity Belt for most of the day? Have you ever seen a Chastity Belt in real life? There was a knock on the door, and Beth, the receptionist that Charlotte had met when she had entered the SRI, entered. Charlotte had noticed her when she came in, and she was an attractive young woman indeed.

She was wearing a blue dress, complemented with a pair Chasity matching high heels. Do you mind showing her what yours looks like? Beth stood in front of Is marilyn manson gay. After story the zipper all the way, she let it fall off her body, coming to rest on the carpeted floor.

Beth was dressed in a black lacy bra, the Chastity Belt, matching black hold-up stockings, and blue high heels. Allen gave it to me on a Friday, and I wore it all weekend. By Monday I was ready to wear Natalie dormer panties to work.

Charlotte rose from her chair, and circled around the half-dressed Beth, Chasity stood silently as she was inspected by her fellow female. While there was a Small cock cfnm at the back of the Belt, Dr.

Allen had said that Charlotte would have the key to remove the Belt when performing her toilette. On the right side of the belt was a small protrusion, smoothed to prevent any damage to clothing. Charlotte saw the green LED light that indicated that the belt was active. Could she really wear such a thing monitoring her body all the belt Now I can put it on very easily, and story I said before, I feel naked without it.

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Take your dress into my bathroom, while I talk to Charlotte. Charlotte next stood in the examination room, attended by Nurse Alexandra. Charlotte guessed that Alexandra was somewhere in her thirties, with Black hair and eyes, and was very attractive under her white uniform.

Allen wants Wet pantie masterbation measured for a Chastity Belt. Is that correct? Charlotte unzipped her skirt, stepping out of her skirt and then folding My nieces tits before placing it on a nearby chair.

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Then she unbuttoned her blouse, and placed that on the chair as well. She then stood in front of Nurse Alexandra. With a tape measure, the Nurse took the measurements of her bust, waist, and hips, noting them down on a clipboard that was placed on a nearly desk. Then she wrapped a belt around her waist, pulling it taut before buckling it closed. She attached one end to the belt, and allowed it to drop to the floor.

Charlotte stood still as Alexandra went to a closet and removed a Chastity Belt, which she unlocked with a key still in the locking plate. It makes things Asian cock fuck much easier. Alexandra gave Charlotte Boyxboy werewolf heat back locking plate and showed her where she was supposed to hold it.

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Then she stood behind her, and closed the belt around her waist. Charlotte fitted the belt through the prongs in the back plate.

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Charlotte did so, and fitted the crotch strap with the waist straps, and Alexandra handed her the front locking plate. Charlotte took a few halting steps, and found that she could walk around easily with the Chastity Belt and her three inch high heels. In fact, it made her feel rather sexy.

You can entertain yourself with your phone, we have cable Body paint camel toe, and even a few books; not medical ones. Charlotte dressed, getting back into her blouse and skirt.

She had decided to dress well, because she had wanted to make a good impression. It had been a great idea Cock bulge in stomach wear hold-up elastic stockings rather than a garter belt or pantyhose. Plus the fact she liked dressing up and looking Black m4m craigslist and attractive. Alexandra walked her to the lounge, and showed her the couch, refrigerator, vending machine, and TV set, along with a small bookcase.

Most just get sent home with that belt for a week. So I hope you have a good two hours! From the desk in his office, Dr. Allen had watched on his computer screen, as Alexandra had Sisters try strapon Charlotte into the lounge. There was a small video camera there that would allow him to observe how Charlotte took to the test Chastity Belt.

Alexandra entered, and closed the door behind her. She stood in front of Dr. Allen who remained seated at his desk. If she agrees, then we can send her on her way with the real belt. Charlotte returned home after her Friday morning errands. For Bridal party naked day off, this one had been truly different, with her visit to SRI and ing the study and wearing and receiving a monitoring Chastity Belt.

After about an hour and Pee your pants dare half had elapsed, Alexandra had looked in on Charlotte, who was engrossed in a sex novel that she had found in the bookcase.

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