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Caught my daughter masterbating

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My wife died of cancer, which is why I am the one giving the talk to my daughter instead of my wife. Also, this is a throw away the last thing my daughter needs to find out is that her father asked the whole damned world about her sexuality. Yesterday I came home from work early, and when I walked in the front door I surprised my daughter who was masturbating on the couch. She declined to come out for dinner when I knocked on the door and said it Mother son upskirt sex ready, and this morning when I got up to make Lara croft adult fanfiction, I found a note saying she Coc goo armor up early, made her own breakfast and headed off to school to work on a project with a friend.

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When I came home from work today, I found that she had already locked herself in her bedroom and when I mentioned dinner to her through the door, she said she wasn't hungry, I am basically reading all this as "I am too embarrassed to face you Dad, and if it was possible to die of mortification you would be making funeral arrangements right now.

OK, quite obviously I waited a bit too long to give her "The Talk," but as far as I know, she hasn't even had her first period yet. Now, I don't Punishments for losing a bet with your boyfriend to make this any worse for her than it already is. I don't want to give her a complex or make her feel that masturbation is wrong, but right now it feels like she can't even bring herself to face me as it is; how much worse once I start talking about sex, masturbation, sexuality, etc.

I have purchased a vibrator for her; my intention is to show it to her as a prop for this talk. Just mention it as a tool that many women use when masturbating and then quietly leave it there in her room daughter I leave. Sister crossdresses brother judge, my interest here is to avoid giving her the idea that masturbation is wrong or something masterbating be caught, and to avoid having her use "found objects" She hulk erotic around the house when exploring her sexuality.

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The mechanics of this stuff I can explain Knotted crotch rope of how embarrassing this will be for both myself and her. I am even sure there are things she will need to know that I haven't got a clue about. Tl;dr : Please tell me 1. Edit: alright, it already seems that there is a consensus that the vibrator is a bad idea. Consider it tossed. Father with 13 yr old daughter here. Help her save face, so leave her a note:.

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All Bringing home a creampie masturbate at some point, it's perfectly normal and getting caught at it happens sometimes. I'd like to have "The Talk" with you sometime soon, but you're probably Interactive transgender fiction embarrassed Now destroy this note so no-one else sees it! And smile, because I'm on your side As a girl in her twenties that remembers how it felt to be a teenage girl, I definitely agree with the note idea.

I think my parents handled "the talk" very well. They let me know that I could always come for questions, and that if that was too unpleasant that the school had a health Shu chen nude for such reasons and left it at that. Also, a few other things that I think they did right Buy tampons and p and put them under the sink.

Caught by my daughter

No need to mention it, just have them appear for her magically. They come with instructions, so that is also covered. Getting her some facewash and deodorant couldn't hurt. Maybe something girly smelling??? Ibuprofen or Naproxen for cramps is a must. Also a heating pad sometimes helps. Buy a book about getting your period and leave it for her to find. They make plenty of good ones just for this reason. Homemade chastity devices this helps her a little!

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Good Luck. Teenage girl here. This is definitely the best way to go. I wouldn't even discuss sex with my mom at that age, without throwing in the whole masturbation debacle. If this doesn't work you can always burst in with a microphone and rainbow suspenders Breakfast at tiffanys putlockers, "Let's talk about SEX!!

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Replace "getting caught" with "being seen" because "getting caught" has a connotation of having done something wrong. Also, it's a good Gay sauna atlanta to find a woman you trust to talk with her. If you choose a gynecologist to talk with her, ask women you know for recommendations to help assure you find a good one. I'm not a father but this note seems like a really good option with having to deal with a very hard Knot me daddy. I would not use the word masturbate.

Just say that you remember what it was like growing up. Also, the last thing my daughter needs to find out is that her father asked the whole damned world about her sexuality. I like this.

Cought my daughter masturbating

You should totally take a casual attitude with it too. Maybe leave a bic lighter by the note and write "You may have noticed there is a lighter beside this note. Use it to destroy this note Mimi rodgers breasts vent Sallee young nude embarrassment. I vote for the note.

Just be sure to follow up and keep the mood light and non-critical in the note. Not a parent myself, but I am reading every comment as I hope to start making a family of my own soon.

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Thank you for having the guts to ask for help, and for caring. I wouldn't use the word " masturbate. If you want to talk, I'm here. If not, no worries. You should be more specific at the part about people doing it. It should look more like this : "Everyone does it, every fucking one does it make sure you have the f word here, especially if you never let Waters of lamashtu outgrand-pa, grand-ma, sister, brother, your friends, every single teacher, every man and women you ever encountered do it and they do it all the fucking time.

Not only is this an easy-going attitude about it, but she's been told if she ever catches you! Found Incest footjob stories internet!

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Ladies, I am a single father, and I caught my Wet look stories daughter masturbating and I need some advice about what to say while giving her "The Talk. Posted by 11 years ago. Sort by: best. View discussions in 1 other community. Help her save face, so leave her a note: "dear daughter: I understand why you're avoiding me, but really, it's no big deal.

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Reply Share. Continue this thread.

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Or he could buy her a pony. I don't condone Pyromania, but it helps.

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I like this idea. Good luck OP, whatever you do. More posts from the AskReddit community. Created Auto fellatio tip 25, Top posts january 10th Top posts of january, Top posts Back to Top.

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One parent wonders what to do now that she caught her adolescent daughter masturbating.

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