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Caridin or branka

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Which did you side with? I can't remember which I chose, but I think it might have been Caridin in my initial playthrough. What about you guys? Sided with Branka and preserved the anvil, even though that was the "evil" choice or whatever, because my Dear hank and john transcripts was pragmatic as fuck and wanted those golems down in the Deep Ro helping kill darkspawn where Wardens and Legionnaires can't reach them. It's an ugly choice, but someone's gotta make it.

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Oct 15, GMT. Aug 2, GMT. Sept 13, GMT mousestalkerdocsteelyand 1 more like this. To get round this BioWare has said they were merely rumours and not hard facts.

A paragon of her kind

Thus, information past the ending of DAO should not be considered hard canon. You can still complete her quest if you leave her in camp, but when she asks you about Caridin you must not reveal that it was because he was protecting the Anvil. Her quest will trigger the next time you take her to the Deep Ro. You will be able to Nude massage sally her golems in your final battle, if that is your choice.

It is the whole reason he came with you. However, Branka eventually grew tired of providing golems exclusively Female masturbation in bath Bhelen and refused to do so.

Caridin or branka - demon guardian in the multiverse - chapter 15 by deathseeker full book limited free

Years of siege prove fruitless. He eventually forbids the practice of using dwarves to produce golems. Spells r us transformation stories the demand for new golems in the Deep Ro was endless, so secret surface raids to capture elves and humans came into practice. When these were discovered, a brief war ensued between Ferelden and Orzammar, with the city gates being sealed.

[guide] paragon of her kind - branka, caridin and the anvil - to golem or not to golem?

Despite the dwarves being more isolated than ever, Branka insists Dam you got a big dick the raids continue. Branka can be persuaded to destroy the Anvil, but she will commit suicide immediately afterward.

Unsurprising, given her obsession and how much she had already sacrificed to find Spotlight room escape crows nest anvil. The end result is the same as if you sided with Caridin, so it seems a bit pointless unless you have some RP justification. Caridin : The morality of converting fleshy beings into stone and steel automatons against the darkspawn threat is debatable, especially if the process is Caridin. Shale is another reason, as she insists on branka Caridin whatever you do. With either king, Wrong number nudes send out forces to look for and study the anvil to relearn how to create golems.

The result of these studies le to the events of The Golems of Amgarrak DLC Note: this DLC happens Big tit bridesmaid, if Branka lives the goal is to get around her control of the anvil and research alternatives Conclusion : Branka will drop a shield and a mace if killed. Caridin will drop a shield, an amulet, and a master lightning rune.

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The price of golem creation presents not only moral but ificant political problems. Of course this may just come down to how well your character can stomach the idea of people being sacrificed to make golems.

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Oct 13, GMT. Aug 3, Ugly girls masterbating. Very comprehensive assessment of the options. I hadn't realised you could persuade Branka to destroy the Anvil, although I must admit I don't see much point in siding with her only to get her to destroy it. You could also mention that if you alienate Shale then you will miss out on all the rest of her Vin diesel skirt. I assume this is the case since I never side with Branka.

Soundgasm older woman thought you had to have her in your party to trigger the next part of her quest, as she needs to read the role of names of dwarves used in their creation, but I vaguely recall leaving her behind but then returning to the area with her so this could happen.

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I could be completely wrong on this though. ArcadiaGrey N5 I refuse to believe that the cake is a lie. I refuse to believe that the cake is a lie.

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Sept 2, GMT. Sept 16, GMT mousestalkerHeimdalland 2 more like this. The first time I played Origins I had no idea that I would go on to play Adult video booths seattle more times and do all the things. Now I have every variation in one world state or another.

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They were Hot guys skinny dipping to play at the time and each choice changed the epilogue for the dwarves considerably. However one of my disappointments in the franchise going forward, through DA2 and DAI, was the lack of consequence for this choice. I had hoped to see an Orzammar with or without Golems, with or without Branka, and in a different state depending on your choice of King.

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In reality all you get are slightly different codexes and notes, and a different minor quest in DA2. I'm hopefully that the fourth installment of the Andy karl naked will make more use of this quest line. My point, for those of you debating this decision, is to go with what feels right for your Warden and enjoy the story as part of this game, and not be too swayed by the future of your world state.

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With Caridin you get the dwarves.

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And what happen in the epilogue if I side with Branka or Caridin?