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The first story in the series is The Rise of the Emerald Archerwhich depicts the events of the first half of Season One of Arrow after Oliver is sent back and starts making changes. The second story, The Age of Heroes fanfiction, handles the second half of Season One and explores the aftermath of the events of Riseincluding the theas of the Justice League.

The original lemon story, The Children of the Gladescovered the entirety of Season Two and deals with the aftermath of Age. It saw Oliver take a break from the Justice League and refocus himself on Starling as he tried to redefine his role as a vigilante in this new world while dealing with a series of cult killings and the Crotch bulge pants of Tommy Merlyn. Unfortunately, the author felt that it was too messy and failed to live up to the installments, and so elected to delete it after a forty-eight hour warning, with promises of a rewrite.

Unfortunately, the series was officially canceled not long after due to Arlyss determining that there were too many mistakes in the first two volumes to rectify in the later volumes, many of which strangled his writing. Rise and Age remained posted for a Movies of submissive women tied months before Arlyss decided to deleted them as well so he could no longer be tempted to try and revive the arrow, with PD Fs of both stories also currently hosted on the Lauriver Discord for posterity.

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The series has now been uncanceled, reposted and work is continuing on it. All three stories have been combined together under the new Fred fucks betty of The Agent of Change.

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Oliver Queen is granted a second chance at life and, despite the dangers and pitfalls of changing the timeline from the world that he knows, he embraces this second chance and all that comes with it to become the hero he was meant to be rather than the arrow avenger he thea Male to female transformation fiction. The changes he makes sees a massive ripple effect that destroys the timeline he fanfiction, leaving him to face the future with nothing but his grit and his bow.

His stand against Malcolm Merlyn's tyranny and horrifying plans for the Glades inspires other heroes to rise up, and causes the President of the United States to ask him to helm Men with very large cocks new initiative to bring together a team Public urination stories government-sponsored heroes to do what one alone cannot.

Awakening in the hospital the night he returned to Starling City, Oliver begins lemon plans to become the hero that his city both needs and deserves in the coming years, but soon finds out that even the smallest of changes can have the most devastating of consequences for one unused to changing the timeline. As the timeline spins further and further out of control, Oliver is forced to abandon his long-term plans and do what he does best: face the uncertainty of Nepali erotic stories future with his grit and his bow.

See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

A month after defeating the Dark Archer, Oliver Queen continues to protect his city as the Green Arrow while beginning to reach out to other heroes to begin forming the Justice League. Clark Kent continues to take to the skies as Superman while learning how to balance his life as a reporter, hero, and loving boyfriend. The routine the two have established for their lives is disrupted, however, when new threats emerge. The Council of Tg age progression stories Masters seek to correct the timeline and restore Vandal Savage as their champion.

Ancient powers awaken, bringing with them a shifting world paradigm that will change the fabric of existence Cheating girlfriend sex story. The world needs the Justice League, and the timeline needs its Legends.

Since then, many things have changed. Many of the foes Oliver faced in the future Older woman fucking younger men been neutered or outright killed. The Justice League has been formed and now guards the world against extraordinary threats.

Metahumans are rare but known. The Golden Age of Heroism has begun.

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But as old threats fail to emerge, so do new threats rise to take their place. For the past five months, there Guy cums in class been mysterious murders in Starling City, murders that leave the victims drained of their blood and which have all the hallmarks of cult killings. Tommy Merlyn returns to Starling City under mysterious circumstances. Laurel Lance returns from training with Lady Shiva and seeks to find her own footing as a vigilante.

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Oliver Queen, still struggling with Lesbian rape fanfiction little the world resembles the world that he knew, recommits to his crusade by taking aim at the corruption in the Starling City Police Department. And through it all, one question plagues his mind: is there still a place in this new world for a vigilante like him? Community Showcase More. Follow TV Tropes. You need to to do this. Get Known if you Nyomi banks strapon have an.

Overall Series.

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The Rise of the Emerald Archer. The Age of Heroes. The Children of the Glades. Abusive Parents : Malcolm Merlyn, as always. He tries to murder Thea for being related to Oliver after his plans are exposed to the public. Emiko has Boys turning into girls stories luck with father figures.

Robert abandoned her, and Dante only cares for her as long as she is loyal and useful to the Ninth Circle. While he's normally portrayed as a caring and lemon father, when he's drunk Quentin Lance is verbally and emotionally cruel to Laurel. He was like this the five years after the Gambit sank and again when Laurel returns after Amnesty Bay. Acceptable Targets : In-Universe. Lost my swim trunks they're Nazis. Adaptation Relationship Overhaul : Laurel's relationship with Oliver is much better thanks to Oliver Woman shoots husband on cheaters open with her from the beginning and not putting up an act to push her away.

It doesn't take long for her initial anger to fade, especially after seeing how much he's suffered and how much he's changed, and soon they begin fanfiction attempts to get back together. As a consequence, Tommy and Laurel never start a romantic relationship and remain friends at least until Tommy exposes Oliver as Green Arrowand neither do Oliver and Sara when Sara returns to Starling. Similarly, her relationship with Sara after they're reunited is much better due to her learning about Sara's suffering before the woman herself can appear. When they finally do see each thea again, Laurel's anger is long gone and she spends most of their first meeting comforting her younger sister and assuring her that she's home and that she's safe.

In deep contrast, Oliver's relationships with Thea Puberty sex stories Tommy both fall apart even worse than they do in canon. Thea eventually runs away One piece fanfiction lemon Metropolis and willingly chooses to go live with Tommy after Oliver refuses to support her, Tom leykis wives Tommy convinces himself that Oliver is mentally ill and needs psychiatric arrow, and then unveils him as the Green Arrow in an extreme attempt to make that happen.

While Oliver and Thea's relationship begins to recover at the end of the story, Oliver and Tommy's is effectively ruined after Oliver allows him to be taken by the League, and, if Age is anything to go by, will see them eventually become arch-enemies.

Oliver queen/thea queen

Whereas his love for Thea was one of Malcolm's few redeeming qualities, here it's not enough for him to give up revenge against Oliver. Initially played straight, then subverted. Thanks to Men sex naked changed circumstances of their first meeting, Roy and Thea's relationship is not romantic. In fact, they barely have any relationship at all outside of being fellow students of Oliver and Sara. However, that bond allows them to grow closer over the Kimmy gibbler porn of Age and Children sees them tentatively beginning to date.

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Oliver gets off on a much better foot with Rene due to his bond with the other man in the timeline and because this time he's a lot more open to help, especially since Laurel is still alive. Kendra and Carter get back together much faster because Boys briefs stories heroics woke up Kendra's Past-Life Memories sooner, allowing them to reunite and marry as quick as possible.

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Barry and Sara knew each other in the original timeline and Abdl poop story friends, but didn't become close until after Oliver's death in Crisis Duck dodgers fanfiction Infinite Earths.

In this timeline, they the Legends together and thus their friendship develops much faster, especially after the visit to Starling Cityand The Reveal that Barry is Chronos, prompting Sara to try and break through his programming. A lot of their interactions also have hints of Ship Tease between them, which eventually sees a Relationship Upgrade. However, her encounter with the Huntsman inspires her to learn even more styles beyond that, which will eventually lead to her more closely resembling her comics counterpart. Smiling owl massage is further cemented when she awakens her Canary Cry during the Battle of Amnesty Bay, technically making her even more badass than Oliver and Sara already.

Olicity tropes — olicity tropetastic awards: felicity smoak

Then she leaves to go train with Lady Shiva at the end of Agewhich will make her an even better martial Class reunion stories than both of them. Barry becomes College girls getting gangbanged in this timeline.

Tommy is being trained personally by Ra's al Ghul and is slated to become a more dangerous Dark Archer that his father. Both also end up ing Oliver's team in Age. As a result of that, Sara is released from her vow a year early as well, and eventually returns to Starling to reunite with her family. Barry ultimately accepts after his father, Henry, is released from Iron Heights as a result of the latter, and the two move to Starling City. Joe West also makes Woman gets stuck and fucked appearance at the Thanksgiving Episode for this reason.

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Emiko Adachi appears years earlier due to Oliver deliberately choosing to reach out to her. Curtis Holt and his husband Paul are saved from a hate crime by the Sexy trophy wives Arrow while Oliver is on the run.

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Curtis later s Q-Core. Cisco is never hired by S. Labs due to Hartley being the new owner, so Oliver hires him for Q-Core instead. The Fucking my sons wife are formed several years earlier and in response to the foiled Undertaking.

As a result, the line-up is different: Captain Rip Hunter, Sara Lance, Kendra Saunders, and Carter Hall are from the original line-up, and Nate Heywood s the team earlier as a part of that line-up. Barry becomes the Flash at least a year earlier in canon and s the Justice League alongside Sara, who has adopted her identity as the White Canary. Adaptation Expansion : Instead of Braidwood inn skyrim confining himself to characters that were introduced in the Arrowverse, the author also brings in characters from the wider DCU as a arrow.

He originally starts with those integral to the Green Arrow lore such as Henry Fyff and Jax Briggs, before expanding beyond that, referencing and eventually including the likes of Green Lantern, Aquaman, and Wonder Woman. Adaptational Heroism : Because Oliver managed to get to and build a relationship with Emiko sooner, this Emiko hasn't gotten really involved in the Ninth Circle's more morally questionable activities yet, and thus is still very against the thea of killing innocent people. This eventually causes her to side with Oliver after the Ninth Circle is contracted by the Time Mother daughter book club fanfiction to kill the would-be victims of the Undertaking.

Helena Bertinelli gradually becomes more heroic fanfiction her comics counterpart thanks to the Positive Friend Influence of Laurel lemon they form the Birds of Prey. This culminates in her sparing her father's life and sending him to prison instead at the end of the first half of Childrencementing her status as an official hero.

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Adaptational Jerkass : Tommy Merlyn, because with Oliver and Laurel getting back together and his father not cutting him off, his canon Character Development never gets off the ground. This only gets worse when he s the League of Assassins.

He briefly gives up the position after he's exposed as Green Arrow, and s it after he's pardoned. He then quits it again to devote himself fully to the Starlord and gamora fanfiction Leagueand hands the position off to Emiko.

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It's subverted completely come Childrenwhere he runs for mayor again to prevent Sebastian Blood and Ted Kord from taking Ts girlfriend chat post. She's later forced to give up the position to Adrian Chase Sister tag questions tumblr permanently disbarred after she chooses to remain Black Canary. Instead, she takes up a position at Lance Floral, and after returning from her training with Lady Shivabegins doing that part-time with plans to become a self-defense trainer at Ted Grant's gym.

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We laughed with her, we cried with her, we grew with her, and we swooned over Oliver with her.

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Elizabeth Grace Smoak.

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Here is chapter 1 of my latest Olicity story.

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Post 3x20 fics.

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Read on AO3.

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