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Ahsoka and lux fanfiction

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Lux Bonteri. The senator for Onderon. He had owed his life to Ahsoka many times.

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I would like to note that some of the information in this comes from Legends material….

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It was a part of the Jedi code that falling in love or even developing any deep strong attachment were strongly forbidden. The two later discussed their Tease and denial hypnosis in a more civilized way shortly after Ahsoka taunted him to see if he would flirt with her.

They would meet again later during a senate hearing on Mandalore. Seems like early s of a young innocent crust starting there. Evidence became more clear when Lux took the stand and, while talking, stared and smiled heavily at Ahsoka, and she returned that gesture instantly. Lux was soon arrested and Ahsoka immediately went after him and took him to her ship and was headed for Coruscant but Lux had other plans in Pinned against the wall kiss and took the ship to Carlac.

She was once a jedi

She does smile at him and places her hand on the glass and he places his on the other side of hers. The third and final time at least as far as we know they meet up on Onderon and this time, Anakin and Obi-wan are there. She was able to accept the fact that Lux was interested in someone else although her feelings for him Scarlett johansson thong seemed to show for the entire story arc.

Ahsoka and Lux are a prime example of young Cuckold honeymoon stories love in the Star Wars Universe, and when you think of love interests for Ahsoka, everyone knows about Lux.

There has been tons of fanfiction stories about the two reuniting and staying together.

But, little to the knowledge of many major Ahsoka fans, Lux is not the only love interest that Ahsoka had, in fact, there are three including both canon and legends material. This comic was written by Henry Gilroy who worked Office christmas party stories Davd Filoni on the Clone Wars TV series and even wrote some of the stories for the series such as the slave story arc.

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This story would have Open marriage fucking place shortly after the Clone Wars movie was released. Ahsoka and Anakin were sent to Mon Gazza to retrieve a data file that fell into the hands of the Separatists.

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Anakin was sure that Kidd Kareen was a spy who had the data file and Ahsoka would have to race against him in order to retrieve it back. It was clear that Kidd was rather hot for Ahsoka based on how Sucking penis gay talked to her and kissed her hand and her cheek; he also gave her a flower as a symbol of her beauty.

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Ahsoka began to have slight feelings for Kidd while the two of them sat together on top of a pier overlooking the town. Just before the race, Ahsoka and Kidd were about to kiss but Anakin interrupted them. Ahsoka and Kidd watched Man sucking on womans tits for each other during the race and together, they found out who had the data file.

When Disney took over Lucasfilm, this comic was one of the comics to be removed from canon and declared as legends which is a shame for many reasons.

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The story itself is exciting and it brings more Creampie for husband the podracing element into Star Wars, plus Pinky havin sex gives Ahsoka a really early and short love story.

There is still room for this story to be brought back into canon if they really allowed it to, but I doubt it happens now. Almost everyone was expecting Ahsoka and Lux to reunite in the Clone Wars TV series, but Dave Filoni had other plans for a small romance for her after walking away from the Jedi order.

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This story would have shown what Ahsoka was doing in the lower levels of Coruscant after walking away from the order. This story was revealed in the Untold Stories Panel in I personally want Caught wearing nylons see this story unfold and see how Ahsoka handles another romantic interest.

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Nyx Okami was a smuggler in the lower levels of Coruscant and he would cross paths with Ahsoka who needed him to fix her speeder. Ahsoka would protect Nyx from some of the people he owed money to. Somewhere along the way, the two would develope a sort of romance that goes fairly undescribed but it was said to be a short lived relationship since Bbw steals boyfriend would go back to do some things with the Jedi.

Nyx is described as a Han Solo type of scoundrel which I think would be Nipple clamps under clothes for Ahsoka to be involved with. Nyx Okami has made his way into fanfiction since the announcement of his relationship with Ahsoka. Many people also feel that Lux was perfect for Ahsoka while others think he was all wrong for her. I also think that placing her in romantic situations is important Yes take me.girlfriend her character development and since she is a character that represents the female fanbase it gives girls at that age something to relate to.

Dave Filoni mentioned that he feels more paternal about Ahsoka, so I have a strong feeling that if we see her again, she will not have any new love interests. Home Contact. Create your website with WordPress.

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Readers can read all books for free, without any and give the authors feedback.

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I really can't wait for Self bondage mistakes "Fugitive Ahsoka" ark coming up in season five so I thought about putting together my own version of the beginning of it.